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Monday, June 5, 2017 - Sessions
Opening Session: We're All Connected

Keynote: Julia Wetstein - Making Zero Waste Programs work for everyone - From the Largest to the Smallest

Plenary Discussion: What Needs to Happen to "Close the Loop"?

Kristin Hall, Sustainability Manager, City of Clevland - An Informed and Engaged Public

Susan Mooney, Materials Management Branch Chief, US EPA Region 5A - Range of Voluntary and/or Regulatory Policies

Rick Penner, President, Emerge Knowledge, Re-TRAC Connect - The Ability to Track and Report Impact Data

Technical Breakout: Best Management Practices for Waste and Recycling

John Pasquarette, Ohio EPA Division of Materials and Waste Management - Using Spent Agricultural Lime as Alternate Daily Cover

James Profitt, Montgomery County Environmental Services - Understanding the importance of promoting safety

Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez, Ohio EPA - Employing Best Practice in Food Scrap and Stormwater Management

Education Breakout: Down and Dirty, Hands-On Compost Education

Kathleen Rocco, Cuyahoga Solid Waste Management District - Compost Education

Technical Breakout: The Growing Role of Web 2.0 in Materials Management

Joseph Klatt, Ohio EPA Office of Compliance Assistance & Pollution Prevention - Virtual Match-Making with the Ohio Materials Marketplace

Tracy Bugh, Recycle By CityMaximizing - Using best practices in social media, e-newsletters and websites to increase participation and decrease contamination

Norm Ruttan, iWasteNot SystemsHarnessing - How recycling coordinators can thrive in the ever-changing world of the internet, apps & software

Education Breakout: Tap Into Interactive School Projects

Emily Gee, Grades of Green - How free tools and resources help empower and inspire students to care for the environment

Barbara Heineken, Carton Council - How public awareness campaigns are encouraging residents to recycle food and beverage cartons

Plenary Discussion: The Partners Moving One City Closer to Zero Waste

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - Tours
The Ohio State University: A behind the scenes tour about "The Shoe's" zero waste activities that diverted 95 tons in 2016.
MidOhio Food Bank: This nonprofit collects and distributes 66.5 million pounds of rescued food through 650 member agencies annually. 
Kurtz Brothers, Inc.: An innovative organics recycler in Central Ohio.

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