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News & Events

AOR Welcomes Three New Board Members! Please join us in welcoming our three newest board members! Erin Oulton is an Environmental Planner II at GT Environmental, Inc. in Columbus, OH. Erin specialized in solid waste management planning, waste stream characterizations, strategic resource management planning, facility feasibility analysis, and GIS mapping and analysis. Erin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Westminster College, PA. Prior to joining GT, she worked on Honda North America's Sustainability Team as an Environmental Analyst to communicate with over 300 suppliers, obtaining chemical data to meet compliance with regulations. Josh Brinkman is the founder and owner of American Paint Recyclers, a latex paint recycling facility in Van Wert, OH. Josh has more than 20 years in domestic sales experience in the coatings, automotive, and agricultural markets. Over the last 10 years, he has collaborated with state and local agencies to establish and improve paint recycling programs in the Midwest through grants and creative solutions to logistical challenges. He established relationships with international suppliers and buyers to extend the reach of American Paint Recyclers and continue to deliver new products to a growing customer base. Josh is one of the founding members of the International Paint Recyclers Association (IPRA), an international group of paint recycling companies working together to build consumer awareness of the benefits of recycled latex paint in North America. Brad Petry is the Coordinator of the Miami County Solid Waste District in Troy, OH. Prior to becoming the District Coordinator, Brad spent more than 15 years managing the District's transfer station operations.


Upcoming 2020 AOR Events

4/28/20, 10AM: Tour of American Paint Recyclers, Van Wert, OH RSVP 7/21/20, 10AM: Tour of Zero Waste Programs at Ohio Stadium (The Ohio State University), Columbus, OH (Save the date!) 10/14/20: 2020 AOR/Recycling Partnership Professional Development Workshop Grange Audubon Center, Columbus, OH Save the date! The Association of Ohio Recyclers (AOR) and the Recycling Partnership will present a professional development workshop in Columbus, Ohio at the Grange Audubon Center on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. The workshop will focus on decreasing contamination and improving municipal contracting for collection services. Stay tuned for more details!


Recycling Legislation Tracker

(Compiled by WasteDive) Stay up to date by learning about the latest recycling bills! RECYCLE Act: Referred to Committee on Environment and Public Works 11/21/19. Sponsor: Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH). RECOVER Act: Referred to House Committee on Energy and Commerce 11/15/19. Sponsors: Reps. Tony Cárdenas (D-CA) and Larry Bucshon (R-IN). Save Our Seas 2.0: Passed Senate and referred to House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and other select committees 1/13/20. Sponsors: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK). Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act: Introduced 2/11/20. Sponsors: Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) and Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA). Zero Waste Act: Referred to House Committee on Energy and Commerce 7/25/19. Sponsor: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Check out WasteDive's handy summary on the newest bills!


Job Opportunities and Job Seekers To provide our members with more value, AOR has and will continue to share your job postings with our membership base. If you have a recycling/waste related career opportunity you would like to promote, please email . In 2020, we will pilot a new service for our job-seeking members. AOR members may apply to be listed on our "Jobs Sought" board. To be listed, please send your name, email address, PDF resume, and a brief one-line summary of your experience/specialty (for example, "Solid waste and recycling equipment sales") to


Member Spotlight:

American Paint Recyclers American Paint Recyclers was founded in late 2011 on a concept the brothers were already using. Josh and Jeremy Brinkman were mixing their own partial paint cans with the purpose of painting their own rentals properties. After a conversation while painting a rental they decided to research the potential of turning their idea into more. The research led them to find that millions of pounds of post-consumer latex paint gets shipped to landfill every year in Ohio alone. With this information and seeing the need, they partnered with a couple local solid waste districts and started mixing and screening the paint in Jeremy’s two car garage. Regardless of only offering two colors, gray and white, they started offering their paint to local landlords and contactors for roughly 20% of the cost of virgin paint. Fast forward to 2019… American Paint Recyclers now offers 15 colors in their signature EcoTone recycled paint line. This paint line can be found in over 7 states with continued growth. Every can of paint we receive is quality checked by our processing team, sorted by color, and sent through a series of blending and filtering processes. After the appropriate quality checks have been performed, EcoTone paint is ready to be packaged for distribution. We are proud to offer our signature line of EcoTone recycled latex paint at incredible prices, completing the circle and giving your unused paint a new life! American Paint Recyclers provides affordable latex paint recycling services to private homeowners, businesses, and solid waste districts. The company repurposes well over a million pounds of post- consumer latex paints and stains annually. American Paint Recyclers works with solid waste districts of all sizes and even offers event services. Our mission is to continue to divert all post-consumer latex paint and stains from landfills to our recycling facility located in Van Wert, OH. In 2018 American Paint Recyclers co-founded an international group of paint recyclers call I.P.R.A. (International Paint Recycling Association). The group focuses on the education and promotion of our quality products and services. For more information visit


AOR Board of Directors


President John Woodman Montgomery County SWMD Vice-President Molly Kathleen The Ohio State University Secretary Matthew Hittle Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Treasurer Carol Giulitto ReWorks Assistant Treasurer Maria Ortiz Cuyahoga County SWMD

At-Large Members

Abby Anderson Pratt Industries

Taylor Greely Rumpke Tiffany Barker Lorain County SWMD Michael Darling City of Dublin Public Works Dept. Erin Oulton GT Environmental, Inc. Brad Petry Miami County SWD

Josh Brinkman

American Paint Recyclers


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